“Mark’s album The Scrap Heap captures the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll in a profound way with beautiful lyrics written from the heart reflecting the personal experiences of his life.”
– Chris Birkett, Grammy and Juno award winning Producer, Buffy Saint Marie, Sinead O’Connor.

Click here to hear Mark’s latest song, ‘Being a Dad’ which was recorded in Nashville as a demo at Beaird Studio.


The Scrap Heap Is Mark Fitzpatrick’s first CD of his original songs. It was produced and recorded by three time Grammy Award winner, Chris Birkett. Mark took up songwriting upon retirement to foster a sense of achievement and the title of The Scrap Heap reflects that sentiment.

When Mark approached Chris to record his CD, Chris listened to a pool of his songs and selected those he thought followed a common theme of subtle comments on human behaviour presented in the guise of a story.

Mark hopes you get as much enjoyment listening to the CD as he had in writing and recording it.


Being a Dad Being a Dad

Carolina Diner Carolina Diner
Crazy Man Crazy Man
See My Son
The Scrap Heap The Scrap Heap
Traces of You (Sarah’s Song)
She’s Gone She’s Gone
I know You’re Somewhere

Written by Mark Fitzpatrick
Produced by Chris Birkett
Recorded at Two Mounties Studio

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